What we do

Carrying out aerial surveys and inspections with EYEWINGS leads to savings of 30-50% compared to the traditional methods. Our inspections and surveys are safe, quick and at low prices. We reach inaccessible places, at height, above water and danger area’s.

How we work

The traditional way of carrying out inspections at heights involves many problems and risks. Heights cannot always be reached well, which compromises the quality and safety of inspections. The risk of falling is one of the most common causes of occupational accidents. But falling objects and longer escape routes also result in unsafe work situations. Working with cherry pickers is slow and involves environmental nuisance and high costs. EYEWINGS does things differently.

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5 reasons why you should use RPAS

  • Reduction of inspection time
  • Easy access
  • High safety level
  • Complete data access
  • No nuissance & high performance

Finally using RPAS results in a shorter execution time at lower costs.

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Work field

Visual and thermal inspections

Carrying out inspections with EYEWINGS leads to savings of 30-50% compared to the traditional method of inspection. Faster, more safe and less nuisance for traffic, people and environment.

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Aerial survey and mapping

EYEWINGS covers over 70 hectares per day. Including reporting, data analysis’s and engineering. All within 48 hours. Highest accurary and 10 times faster to traditional landsurveying.

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Insurances and claims assessments

Underwriting and claims assessment is now able to be performed with ease, and in a fraction of the time. On-demand data acquisition with quantifiable decision-making results.

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Urban design and landscaping

Visualize your project by 2D or 3D mapping. EYEWINGS provides technical models and data such as GIS and BIM and commercial views within 48 hours.

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Roller coasters

Funparks need frequent inspection for the safety of her visitors. EYEWINGS performs regular QuickScan’s for maintenance pruposes. Frequent QuickScans avoids large damages.

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Wind turbines

EYEWINGS locates and reports damages with very sharp images. We inspect at heights from the safe ground. 7 tot 10 WTG’s per day, downtime to a minimum.

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EYEWINGS inspects the trickiest part of the Zeelandbrug (Zeeland Bridge)

On the instructions of the province of Zeeland, Ingenieursbureau Westenberg has carried out a maintenance and NEN 2767-4 inspection of the Zeeland Bridge.

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EYEWINGS inspects the Goliath at Walibi Amusement Park

On Monday 13 April, EYEWINGS carried out a pilot inspection at Walibi Amusement Park in Biddinghuizen. The object to be inspected was the 1200-metre-long roller coaster Goliath, over which hundreds of people hurtle at a speed of more than 100 km per hour every day.

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